The perfect swimming pools for you

By choosing the Styrofoam swimming pools, you are choosing the best that the market has to offer at this moment, as far as inground swimming pools are concerned. The Styrofoam balls, which are the building blocks of the pool, are basically expanded polystyrene balls, which make everything easier for both the one installing the pool, as well as the one tasked with inserting the skimmer, the admission nozzle, the lights, and so on. The Styrofoam is placed on reinforced concrete slabs, after which further reinforcement follows, with even more concrete and steel. The walls and the bottom of the pool are then coated with a geotextile layer, which will further reinforce the pool.

A lot of thought is also put in the insulation of the walls and of the bottom, even if most of the water temperature is lost on the surface of the water – this can be prevented by using adequate shutters. Thus, by using these materials, the Styrofoam swimming pools are able to maintain a desired temperature over the course of the entire swimming season and even beyond that.

The geotextiles used on the walls and on the bottom are efficient in another way too. Because of their absorbing properties, the transfer of heat during the night and day becomes insignificant, thus prolonging the life of the materials. Nonetheless, you should also consider some other types of prevention too.

As said, because the Styrofoam can be cut easily, each swimming pool can be custom made according to each and every client’s desire. In this way, you don’t have to settle for the monoblock versions of the pools – the setting can be adjusted according to your every desire. Among all the materials, the Styrofoam is the most flexible and, at the same time, enduring – so this is definitely an opportunity which should be considered when searching for the right type of swimming pool.

Usually, when making such a purchase, some other items are also delivered with the Styrofoam swimming pools. Of course, the offer varies with each and every retailer. So, when ordering you should always take into account the items which will come without a price. And the most important one seems to be the stainless steel ladder, which will always come in handy.

All Styrofoam pools are easy to install – however, you should always leave it to the professionals. While the basic material could be considered as cheap, the overall product isn’t – by having a professional insert the gutter, the addition nozzle, the counter installations, and so on, you are most likely saving both cheap swimming pools for saletime and money.

For that matter, most Styrofoam pools also come with remote control displays, which enable you to adjust all the parameters according to your wishes – from the temperature of the water to the intensity of the lighting, everything can be found on a small tablet-like control.

Take a look at our steel swimming pools.

Choosing these types of outdoor swimming pools is the best decision which can be made at this moment. Keep in mind, though, that even the Styrofoam swimming pools should be cleansed and maintained from time to time (thankfully, you can purchase any of the types of robots that could do this time consuming job for you). Read more…

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