Quick smart tricks for beauty

Quick smart tricks for beauty

Always have two shades of foundation. Whatever the season, your skin changes color (either lighter or darker). In addition, you can correct imperfections using the lighter complexion, which you can apply to the problem areas. If you have an impeccable complexion, do not load it with products with consistent textures or powder. Use only a moisturizer with color pigments and sunscreen.

If you have tanned skin, before makeup you can improve your skin’s condition and make it brighter. All you have to do is give yourself some hands. This improves your blood circulation and your skin gets vitality.

When you do not have the time to apply the eyeliner, for daily makeup you can tweak with a little correction to apply it on your entire eyelid to the eyebrow line. To have more glamorous air, finish with a little gloss that you apply with your fingers on your mobile eyelid.

Theoretically, in order for the lipstick to be impeccably applied, you need to make your lips outline beforehand. When you have no time, opts for nude lipstick with SPF, which you apply with your fingers. So you no longer need lip liner.

If you have cracked lips, do not apply lipstick anymore, because you will even notice the unsightly cracks, just apply either vaseline, which immediately repairs and hydrates your lips, or lip balm.

If you are very lazy, choose a 2 in 1 cleanser or face wash that removes both resistant makeup and impurities, then wipe your face with a muslin towel to exfoliate easy skin.

And because time is money, you can even shorten the time you spend drowning your capillary ornament using a natural brush brush. You save not only time but keep your silky, shiny and much easier to handle hair.

When you hurry, the difference between a catastrophic hair and a well-dressed hair is given by the right product. Apply an anti-frizz on the wet hair to help you stretch it faster. If you do not have brush time, maneuver the foehn’s speaker from the root to the peaks to close the cuticle of the hair.

Purchase a polishing pane for moments when you do not have time to apply the nail polish. It works like a transparent lacquer and thus gets a natural gloss of the nail.

If, due to stress, your skin becomes tern and devoid of vitality, warm two drops of olive oil in your hands and put it on your face for a few seconds. You will notice that the oil calms the skin irritated, moisturizes it and leaves it very velvety.

Remember to spoil yourself with natural body care products.

If the tanker is a little taken and your skin looks patted, you need a good scrub. After bathing, massage your body with a product based on bamboo powder. If you have not managed to get rid of the stains, cover them with a moisturizing cream with color pigments.