NVR recording unit for wireless cameras

An indoor wireless camera is designed to work differently than a normal wired surveillance camera, even though we are talking about AHD, CVI, Analog, PTZ, and so on. Different in this context means that it is a standalone equipment (that is, it can be connected directly to the router and then accessed elsewhere on the mobile / computer because it has its own software) or, most importantly, it can be connected to a network video recorder Recorder (NVR). There is also the option of using a microSD memory card and even recording a video stream on a computer (which must remain permanently on). Security camera installation in London.

indoor wireless camera

The option of using wireless cameras with NVR as the source of recording is, in my opinion, the best option but here it depends on the need of each. Why do I say that? Suppose you have a store and choose to use the indoor wireless camera with a microSD card as a storage medium. Imagine what happens if you have visitors during the night. The room disappears with proof. Let’s say you have opted for the computer storage option. The PC unit also disappears with the wireless camera. So if this is your case, use a network video recorder. The NVR can be hidden or locked in a secure room, and you are sure that the evidence will remain.

If you have previously used rotating internal wireless rooms, you probably know that besides the HD 720P image and the ability to rotate the lens vertically / horizontally, you also have the ability to listen to what is in a room or to send an audio message People in the location. Well, the good news is that if you choose to use a NVR as a recording drive, you will still benefit from these features. Just install the NVR on your mobile and use the options.

If you have a babysitter or a nanny that you just hired, then you can use the wireless camera for indoors and without NVR. It’s all about “where do you want to record activity from your location?”