Purchase the best drainage system

Make the best decision and purchase the best drainage system

Usually, choosing the right wet-room bath drains when renovating or moving to a new home is the last decision one makes. And this may bring unwanted results, especially if the new wet room is already decorated. People who leave this decision for the last usually regret this, since it means either settling for a drain system which is not very performant, either starting all over with redecorating the wet room.

Of course, people usually settle with patching things up – either by trying to fix the faulty drainage system, either by replacing it with whatever works. And this in turn decreased the quality of the lifestyle. Nobody wants to take a shower and see water overflowing and flooding the house, just like nobody wants to take a bath and have the relaxing experience ruined by the musty smell of stagnant water. So whether you are moving or whether you are redecorating, make this decision a top priority and change the wet room drains.best wet room drains uk

Thankfully, there are quite a few choices which can be made and which can be reduced to just three. You can settle for a ready-made shower room floor, which comes with a traditional drain already incorporated. Or you can change the faulty drainage system with a traditional point drainage one, which can be found in most of the households in the city. But the best and most modern choice you can make is the one of the linear or channel drains.

Robust and classy, these are long and narrow profiles which collect the water (and its impurities) on a larger area. In this way, the collecting channel can handle larger volumes of water and it is harder to clog. Furthermore, the maintenance is also low – all you need to do is wipe the profile with a piece of cloth from time to time.

The channel drains are also much easier to install, because they are placed either beside one of the wet room walls, either in one of the corners. Because of that, the tiles of the floor need just a small inclination towards the profile, and not a concentric tilt as it would be with a traditional point drain. These wet room drains are the modern solution and are the best that technology has to offer.

Make your purchase now and you will also be offered the possibility to personalize the newly bought drain system. The sky is the limit, so to speak. Our customers usually ask for the basic stainless steel material, but more and more of them switch to the latest antimicrobial compounds. We have on stock the most modern designs for the gratings, but you can come with your own personalized ideas. This isn’t all, since you can add all sorts of accessories, such as LED lighting.

The linear shower drain can be as inconspicuous as possible – but they can also add to the aesthetics of the wet room. The choice is all your to be made – but don’t delay it and don’t decide to make it your last.

If you have decided already, come and make your purchase. If not, give us a call and our teams of professional salesmen will guide you towards the best choice. Replace your obsolete wet room drains now and enjoy your showers and your baths as anybody should.